What is follicular unit transplantation?

This is a relatively new technique that enables us to dissect away bald skin and produce 1-3 hair grafts, while maintaining the natural grouping of these hairs. These grafts are virtually undetectable and natural in appearance. With this technique, we can harvest thousands of grafts from the donor site and place them into tiny, barely visible slits. This technique minimizes the disruption to blood flow promoting faster, better healing. Moreover, advances in the last two years have enabled us to "dense pack" and place the grafts extremely close together. The result is a denser look than was possible even two years ago.

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Is the hair transplant surgery painful?
Follicular unit hair transplantation is considered to be a minor day surgery and is very safe. The procedure is done under local anesthetic without any sedation, and patients talk, listen to music, watch a movie on our new high-tech video glasses,and in many cases, nap during the procedure. After the procedure, only a small number or patients feel any discomfort. Less than 25% of patients elect to take pain-relieving medication.

How long does it take the transplanted hair to grow out enough to fill in the balding area?
Usually it takes three to four months for the hair to begin growing, and after that it will grow about one cm per month. Initial hair quality is usually very fine, but this becomes coarser over time. Sometimes the initial hair is curlier or darker in color than the pre-existing hair.