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2,000 Graft Hair Transplant Surgery | Dr. Thomas Nakatsui

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Number of Grafts: 2,000
Areas Treated: Hairline
Number of Procedures: 1
Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Transplant (Strip)
This young gentleman came to Dr. Nakatsui complaining of a high hair line. He denied any hair loss or recession, but rather simply a high hairline that he always had. In situations like this, medications such as Rogaine and Propecia will not be able to grow/regrow hair in an area that lacked hair follicles. The patient opted for a hair transplant surgery. The end results show a nice and natural lowering of the hair line. Close up photos also demonstrate the importance of using follicular units, dense packing, and angle of the transplanted hairs. To see more before and after results, please click here.