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Hair Transplant Cost

diagram of hair transplant cost and densityHow Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

At our hair transplant centre in Edmonton, the hair transplant cost depends upon the number of grafts being transplanted. For the typical patient, we charge between $2.50-$8 per graft depending on the type of transplant and the number of grafts. While some clinics charge by area, we continue to charge by number of grafts as do most of the best hair transplant clinics in North America. Depending on the number of grafts and the type of procedure, the cost of a transplant ranges from $2,000 to over $12,000.

One of the reasons for charging by the graft can be illustrated by the following example. Let us suppose that Patients A and B both receive a true follicular unit hair transplant. Patient A receives 500 grafts in a given area; Patient B receives dense packing and gets 1000 grafts in the exact same area to achieve a higher density. Does it make sense the cost is the same for Patient A even though he received half as much work? In fact, Patient A was likely less than half as much work because it is usually much easier to plant grafts at lower density than it is to plant grafts at higher density. If Patient A was charged by the number of grafts, he would have paid 50% less than Patient B. Moreover, he would know how many grafts he was getting. He would also have a better idea of what sort of result to expect from the transplant.

What is the Fairest Way to Determine the Cost of a Hair Transplant?

For this reason and others, we believe the fairest way to determine hair transplant cost is to charge by the number of grafts as it more accurately reflects the amount of work required to do the procedure. We have contemplated charging by area as it would be easy to do. However, we have always come back to charging by number of grafts transplanted. What if your donor area was incapable of producing the amount of grafts we estimated? This is a rare event but occasionally occurs. If we charged by area, then the cost to you would be the same because we never told you how many grafts you were getting. If we charged by number of grafts, you would be refunded the difference. You are only charged for what you get.

Number of Follicles versus Number of Grafts

Although we believe charging by number of grafts is more fair to the patient, there is nothing wrong with charging by area. However, if you decide to proceed with a transplant that is being charged by area, you should ensure the surgeon tells you how many grafts you will actually be receiving. Be very careful to find out how many grafts you will be receiving and not just how many hairs or hair follicles you will be receiving. The answers to those two questions do not mean the same thing. The difference is subtle yet substantial.

For example, we had a patient who came to us from another clinic stating he was told he was to receive approximately 5000 grafts but when he looked at his newly transplanted area, it looked like he had received far less than this. He said he was also surprised that the transplant was finished so quickly as he thought he was receiving such a large number of grafts. He was very unhappy as this did not look like what he had expected. It turns out that although he did receive some follicular unit grafts, he received many multifollicular unit grafts consisting of approximately 8-10 follicles per graft. As a result, he really only received 600-700 hair grafts adding up to a total of 5000 hair follicles. Please remember to distinguish between number of grafts and number of hairs or follicles.

For example, if Patient A received a multifollicular unit transplant of 2200 hairs, this would equate to approximately 440 grafts (assuming 6 hairs per graft on average). On the other hand, if Patient B received a true follicular unit transplant of 2200 hairs into the exact same area, this would equate to approximately 1000 grafts (assuming 2.2 hairs per grafts on average). Would it be make sense if Patient A paid just as much as Patient B? We would argue Patient A should pay far less than Patient B.

If it were not for the difference in results, all hair transplant surgeons would simply use larger grafts and charge by area. It would be faster and easier, notwithstanding the difference in naturalness from the two techniques.

With these two examples in mind, we believe the only way for a patient to really know what they are getting is to charge by the number of grafts. In this way, a patient knows what he or she is getting.

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Hair Transplant Cost versus Hair Transplant Value

There will always be clinics offering transplants at lower cost and there will always be clinics offering specials claiming they have the lowest rate per graft. Some of these are in other countries. However, some are right here in North America. There are also patients who gravitate to the best deal they can get. When buying a TV, this is a great strategy. We all love a good deal but it is important to remember that hair restoration surgery is surgery and for the most part, irreversible. As a result, it is also very important to consider quality. We would argue that quality is more important than price.

We see patients every week who have gone elsewhere for their hair transplant procedure and now need corrective surgery to repair what has been done. In most cases. it can be done, but not always. Our best advice is to do research before proceeding with the procedure.

Wherever you decide to have your procedure, it would be best to ensure your surgeon has a lot of experience. Ask how many procedures they have done. Ask to see results of their own patients. Your surgeon should have many before and after photos to look at. Ask to see clear closeups of hairlines to see how these look as this is the true test of quality. The best transplants have beautiful hairlines that are undetectable with good density.

Questions to Ask Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

  1. How many procedures have you done?
  2. Can I see photos of your patient results?
  3. Can I see close up photos of the hairlines?
  4. Can you show me precisely what area you are going to fill in?
  5. How many grafts do you think I will require?
  6. How many hairs or hair follicles will this be approximately?

Financing a Hair Transplant

We do not offer any in-house financing. However, we have affiliated ourselves with other financial companies. Consequently, if you need assistance in spreading out the cost of a hair transplant procedure, you can contact Health Smart Financial. They will be able to assist you. You can contact them via their website or you can contact them at 877.276.2780.