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Hair Transplant Calgary

Before and After One Hair Transplant Session

before and after hair transplant calgary
Special hair transplant techniques

Find Out Why We Are Calgary’s Most Trusted Hair Transplant Destination

We have long been Edmonton’s most trusted hair transplant clinic but we see many patients from all over Alberta and Canada, especially Calgary. To our knowledge, our hair transplant clinic is the only one in Alberta that delivers Ultra-Refined hair transplant surgeries, and one of only four in Canada to offer this level of surgery.

Closeup of hair transplant hairline Calgary

Can You Spot Which Hairs are Transplanted Hairs?

With our advanced techniques, we can dense pack the hairline and make the hair transplant extremely natural looking and virtually undetectable

This is a closeup photo taken from the hairline of the patient shown above. Would you be content to have this density? Have you every wondered why most hair transplant clinics do not show closeups of the hairline? In some case, it is because they do not put grafts at high enough density. Find out what questions to ask before your hair transplant surgery.


Find out why our clinic delivers the best hair transplant Calgary has to offer, even though we are located in Edmonton.

Dr. Nakatsui and his team have been providing exceptional hair transplant results for over 20 years and use the latest FUE and FUT techniques to deliver exceptionally natural hair transplant results.

Patients from Calgary frequently come to us because of our award-winning results, FUT and FUE experience, and specialized techniques, such as lateral slits and dense packing, as well as specialized technology, such as state of the art FUE devices and custom-made implanters.

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        If you have any questions about FUE and FUT hair transplants (scalp, beard, or facial) or other treatments, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), laser, or medications such as finasteride and dutasteride, contact us for information and find out why so many patients from Calgary seek us out.