How long will the transplanted hair continue to grow?
The transplanted hair will grow for as long the hair from the back of the head is destined to grow. In other words, if the hair at the back of the head is going to last until you are 150 years of age, then the transplanted hair will last just as long.

Is there a scar at the donor area?
The scar left in the donor area is typically extremely fine and is very difficult to see unless looking for it specifically.

How much is a procedure?
This varies depending upon the number of grafts being transplanted. Whereas some surgeons charge a fixed fee, we charge based upon the number of grafts actually transplanted. Consequently, you only pay for what you get. With respect to the number of grafts implanted, this will vary based upon patient desires and also the donor density.

How many sessions of surgery will I need?
This depends upon the extent of hair loss and upon the desired density. Many patients are satisfied with one session, but others require a second or third session to fill in balding areas to the desired density.