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5,000 Graft Hair Transplant Surgery | Dr. Thomas Nakatsui

Number of Grafts: 5,000
Areas treated: Hairline/Mid/Vertex
Number of procedures: 1

Type of surgery: Strip (FUT)

This gentleman came in with progressing hair loss all throughout his scalp. The hairline, temples, mid portion, and vertex thinned out significantly. Dr. Nakatsui transplanted just under 5,000 grafts in one surgery. What was interesting about this patient’s case was that his widows peak is slightly off centre. A few singles were transplanted into the section. The end result is completely undetectable and incredibly natural looking.
The image of the close up of the hairline shows a completely natural appearance. There are no detectable grafts and one of the most important features is that the hairline itself is not a laser beam line. Rather, the hair line is irregular, very similar to that of a natural hairline.
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