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2700 Graft Hair Transplant Surgery Edmonton

Chinese Hair Transplant Edmonton Front before and AfterChinese Hair Transplant Edmonton Front BeforeChinese Hair Transplant Edmonton Front AfterChinese Hair Transplant Edmonton Left Side BeforeChinese Hair Transplant Edmonton Left Side After

Number of Grafts: 2,700

Areas treated: Hairline/Mid

Number of procedures: 1

Type of surgery: Strip (FUT)

This is an Asian man who was concerned about the progressive thinning of his frontal scalp. He had definite miniaturization of the hair in the frontal scalp, especially in the temples. In the after photos, you can see we lowered the hairline in the temples and thickened up a lot of the hair behind it. Because we dense packed the area, he is even able to cut his hair really short in the transplanted area with no evidence that this is a hair transplant. He is very happy with the results.  For additional before and after photos of other patients, please click here.