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2,200 Graft FUE Hair Transplant Surgery | Dr. Thomas Nakatsui

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Number of Grafts: 2,200
Areas treated: Vertex and temples
Number of procedures: 2
Type of surgery: Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)

This young man came to our clinic complaining of thinning to his vertex (crown) and his temples. After going through the options, he opted to have follicular unit excision surgery (FUE) because he did not want any noticeable scars on his scalp. Using the FUE method, Dr. Nakatsui transplanted 2,200 grafts into the vertex and temples.

At our centre, when a FUE surgery is performed, Dr. Nakatsui makes every tiny incision around every follicular unit graft. At many other clinics, technicians or sometimes robots perform this aspect of the procedure. Dr. Nakatsui prefers to perform this aspect of the procedure himself as the donor hair can change angle below the surface of the skin. If care is not taken and change in angle is not accounted for, the risk of transecting (cutting through) a graft increases, thereby rendering the graft unusable. Learn more about follicular unit excision (FUE) here. For more of Dr. Nakatsui’s results, please click here.