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3,000 Graft Hair Transplant Surgery | Dr. Thomas Nakatsui

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Number of Grafts: 3,000
Areas Treated: Hairline and temples and mid region.
Number of procedures: 1
Type of surgery: Strip (FUT)
This gentleman came to our centre with recession to his hairline that extended back to his mid scalp. Dr. Nakatsui transplanted approximately 3,000 grafts for the final result. Close examination of the hairline demonstrates the absolute importance to angle and the use of follicular units (the very basic units of hair) when performing a hair transplant. The wonderful thing about hair transplant surgeries is that, once the transplant is complete, the hairs are generally permanent. They will act the same way as the hair from the back of your scalp; meaning they will grow at the same length and change colour at the same time generally. The best part about hair transplant surgery is that, it is your hair. To view more of Dr. Nakatsui’s before and after photos, please click here.