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2,570 Graft Hair Transplant Surgery | Dr. Thomas Nakatsui

  • Hair Transplant Restoration Surgery edmonton alberta canada Hair Loss follicular unit transplant follicular unit extraction
Number of Grafts: 2,572
Areas treated: Hairline/Mid
Number of procedures: 1
Type of surgery: Strip (FUT)
This is a patient who came in and was concerned about the progressive thinning of his hair. We decided to fill in the frontal scalp as it was this area that concerned him. He received 596 single grafts, 1440 double grafts, and 536 big grafts, for a total count of 2572 grafts. He is ecstatic about his results so far and his post op photos are about 11 months out. The anticipation is that the hair will become slightly thicker over the course of a few months from when these photos were taken.
FYI, the patient’s preoperative photos show that his hair is dyed brown. We had asked him to do this so we could make the recipient sites without damaging his pre-existing, very, very white hair. 
For additional before and after photos, please click here.