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407 Graft FUE into scar | Dr. Thomas Nakatsui

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Number of Grafts: 407
Areas Treated: Right retroauricular region, right temple, and mid frontal region
Number of Procedures: 1
Type of Surgery: Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)
This friendly gentleman came to see Dr. Nakatsui regarding a bout of scarring alopecia that occurred over 20 years ago.  He had no complaints or issues with hair thinning, rather just 3 areas of scarring alopecia. The patient advised us that he had surgery elsewhere where the surgeon excised a portion of scar. This led to a linear scar line. When dealing with hair transplants into a scar region, we know that approximately 80% of the hairs will grow and survive whereas transplanted hairs into virgin scalp will have a success rate of approximately 96-98%. The patient was made aware of the decreased survival rate and still proceeded with the surgery.  Ultimately, the end result is very natural, thick, and blends in well with his surrounding hair.

Hairs come in different angles and directions all throughout the scalp. The angle the hair will be different in the front of the scalp compared to the back of the scalp. The in the retroauricular region (behind the ear), the angle of the hair is fairly flat and facing downward. If hairs were transplanted perpendicular to the natural angle of the hair, the end result will be very unnatural. For more of Dr. Nakatsui’s before and after results, please click here.