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Oral finasteride and decreased sex drive

finasteride and sex drive

In a recent post, we discussed the use of topical finasteride (Propecia) and went through the benefits and limitations of this agent. A recent study published by Haber et al. in the Hair Transplant Forum International looked at 762 men (663 on oral finasteride and 99 not on oral finasteride) and assessed whether or not they experienced any sexual dysfunction. The short answer seems to be that there was no evidence of increased sexual dysfunction in this study, which supports a previous systematic review of the literature that also did not show any evidence of increased sexual dysfunction from the use of oral finasteride.

Based on these studies, it seems that we can be even more confident about the lack of sexual side effects from the use of oral Propecia in male pattern hair loss. We will therefore continue to prescribe Propecia in the management of male pattern hair loss.

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