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Oral Minoxidil for Women

Hair Restoration Options for Women:

In a study by Ramos et al in 2019, oral minoxidil was investigated as an alternative therapy for female pattern hair loss. In the study, which was a 24 week, randomized, open study design, they compared 1 mg oral minoxidil to 5% topical minoxidil used for 24 weeks. The authors found that the increase in density with both treatments was very similar and there was no statistically significant difference.

Oral minoxidil was well tolerated and had very few side effects. Some of the reported adverse events included mild hypertrichosis in 27% of participants and increased mean resting heart rate.

Oral minoxidil at a dose of 1 mg daily may be an option, particularly in women who cannot tolerate topical minoxidil. However, this medication should probably be avoided in patients with pre-existing cardiac disease for the moment until it has been further evaluated.